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my services

I am available to help you create a regenerative landscape of food, medicine and ecological vitality.

From garden consultations to classes, I lend my experience to support you in creating an abundant garden sanctuary for you, your family, and the wild world to enjoy.

Let's get growing! 🌱

Garden Consultation

If you dream of an ecological landscape but have no idea where to start, a garden consultation is for you.


I will come to your site and walk with you through your landscape. With your desires in mind, I assess the site conditions, identify plants and their care, listen for what the land wants, and offer substantive suggestions to meet your goals. You will leave with a comprehensive plan of action for this growing season and beyond.


Each garden consultation consists of...

  • A pre-consultation survey (5-10 mins)

  • An on-site garden consultation (1.5 hrs+)

  • A rough sketch of possible designs (if applicable)

  • A follow-up email with free PDFs on soil testing, sources for landscape materials, and planting & watering basics

Clients are welcome to take notes or voice record our session.

Cost: My hourly rate ($100/hr), including drive time to your site. A minimum of 1.5 hrs on-site. 

* rate does not include potential transaction fee and toll/ferry costs.

Ideal for new gardeners, homeowners, land stewards, herbalists, small-scale farmers, wildlife lovers, and community, school, or public garden leadership.

+ a written report

For a few extra bucks, I'll write a plan for you.

I offer a custom written report (5-12+ pages) of detailed notes from our consult, including priorities, plant recommendation lists, inspirational photos, referrals, and a step-by-step plan of action for this season and beyond. I am thorough!

Click here for a sample written report. 

Cost: My hourly rate ($100/hr). It takes me 2-6 hours to complete depending on site complexity. I send the written report via email within 14 days of our consultation.

* rate does not include potential transaction fee 

Sliding scale and gift economy options available.

Please note that I will not draw up an official landscape design.

I can provide designer referrals upon request.

Notebook Dried Plants_edited.jpg
Garden Consult
Garden Coaching

If you want to grow skills to be a land steward or gardener,

garden coaching is for you.

Each coaching session is crafted to your needs.

It could be as simple as a consultation follow-up, or any of the following:

  • A nursery visit together to select plants.

  • Placing new plants in the landscape.

  • A deep dive into a specific garden area.

  • Seasonal sessions: what to do in winter, spring, summer.

  • Troubleshooting: pest, disease, weed, irrigation issues .

  • Plant care or when/how to harvest.

  • Skill acquisition: grafting, propagation, pruning and more.

Garden Coaching can virtual for ease of access.

Cost: My hourly rate ($100/hr), including drive time to your site if coaching is in-person

* rate does not include potential transaction fee and toll/ferry costs.

Sliding scale and gift economy options available.

Ideal for experienced or new gardeners, land stewards, herbalists, small-scale farmers, and community, school, or public garden leadership.

Classes & Workshops

I offer classes on organic gardening, ecology, plant connection and more.

Check out my calendar to learn more:

I am also available for custom classes, lectures or workshops. I have a rich background in teaching for public & private universities, non-profits, municipalities, garden clubs, public gardens and more.

Example class topics:

  • Basic botany for herbalists

  • Grow a wildlife garden

  • Foraging in the PNW

  • LGBTQIA+affinity 

  • Organic greenhouse management

  • Planning a medicinal garden

  • Rose pruning

  • Seed starting 

  • Wild plant propagation

Transaction Fee

Depending on your method of payment,

a % transaction fee may be added:

 service +  transaction fee = total cost.

none       cash or check

2.0%      venmo

2.6%      credit, debit

3.0%      paypal

a few words on money & access

Plants teach us that life is meant to be lived with generosity and abundance.


Financial access is important to me, as is building culture beyond our extractive economy—from scarcity to generosity. It is my goal to eventually convert my services to a gift economy model.

Read more about this alternative to capitalism.


For now, I make my services as financially accessible as I can. All people deserve to grow an intimate relationship with land.


And, real talk, I am starting small business and need to tend to my

many costs (insurance, web hosting, marketing, etc) so I can support you well.

I am commiting to a culture of generosity in these ways:

  • Sliding Scale  -  I offer a sliding-scale for all my services, especially for gardeners with marginalized identities (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, etc). Contact me to learn more.

  • Gift Economy  -   I also consider gift economy offerings.  Please contact me with a clear proposal.

    • At this time I'm especially open to:​

      • film/photography equipment​

      • natural health & energy medicine services

      • woodworking services & mentorship

      • ceramics

      • enrollment in certain workshops/classes

      • garden work at my home in Duvall

I invite clients with the means to pay above my rates to do so.

your generosity offsets the low-cost options for others.

Redistributing wealth:

5% of every service fee goes to black and/or indigenous-led organizations such as: Grief 2 Action Camp and Canoe Journey Herbalists

I encourage organizations that serve marginalized communities to reach out and explore options to work together.


money access
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