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Trees From Above

Classi e laboratori



As a pathway to land stewardship, we honor that to participate in a good way we must "resensitize" ourselves to listen deeply. 


This way of listening to plants and landscapes is likely different from what we’ve learned in the human world. It is a full-bodied, ecological and imaginal listening that is unique to our own gifts and shape in the world. 


The ATTUNEMENT doorway is for participants who long to resensitize themselves to natural rhythms, to their inner knowing, and to an animate relationship with land. In practices and playshops, we explore and cultivate a relationship with our intuition, wildlife tracking, magic, soul, grief, the cosmos, and more embodied ways of listening to plants and landscapes. 


These ways of being open us to listen more deeply to the landscapes we tend. They also stretch us to practice new possibilities of belonging to a complex ecological community—growing our inner resources and resilience to face unprecedented times ahead.




In 2024, ATTUNEMENT invitations will be mixed into existing programs. It is likely we will launch attunement-specific offerings later in the year.

Offerings will vary based on season, interest and what feels aligned.


A few likely topics of exploration:

astrology, wildlife tracking, dreamwork, intuition, magic, self-designed ceremony and ritual, plant communication, land wanders, writing practices, dance, song, poetry, craft, and plenty of other elements drawn from the land stewardship and ancestry categories.

Do you want to deepen your attunement?

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