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The Big Garden Resource List for the Pacific Northwest

Want to learn how to garden in the PNW?

I've compiled a list of my top organic gardening resources to grow medicinal, vegetable, edible and PNW native plants in the greater Seattle area and western Washington. 

These are the resources I refer my clients to. They're good stuff.

Good luck!

Soil Testing
Sources for Materials

Bulk Materials - mulch, cedar hog fuel, compost, gravel and more.

  • ChipDrop - Free arborist chips delivered to your home.

  • Sky Nursery - gravel, bark mulch and more.(Shoreline, WA)

  • Evergreen Topsoil - gravel, bark mulch and more. (Kenmore, WA)

  • De Jong's Sawdust and Shavings - cedar hog fuel, gravel, bark mulch and more.(Redmond and Lake Stevens, WA)

  • Burien Bark - MooDoo, bioretention soil, gravel, bark mulch and more. (Burien, WA)

  • Lenz Enterprises - compost, gravel, bark mulch and more. (Stanwood, WA)

  • Cedar Grove - vegetable garden mix and more (various locations in Western WA)

Fertilizers & soil amendments - organically based, slow-release


(many non-GMO and organic, local or ecologically grown, but not all.)

Focus: Medicinal seeds

Focus: PNW Natives seeds

All seeds:



     other sources of organic seeds:

  • Ace Hardware, PCC, QFC, Fred Meyer, Walmart, most garden centers.

*BIPOC owned

Soil testing
Source -bulk
Source - fertilizer


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