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It is hard to capture the amount of knowledge—but most of all, direct experience working with such an incredible diversity of plants—Katie has. 


There is a lack of plant literacy among many landscape designers. Katie really knows plants and the full range of diversity that each individual plant requires to create a sustained ecology. Not to mention, her well- documented notes on garden progress and soil tests would make any farmer blush.

I have gained so much in working with Katie that serves me now as a medicinal herb farmer at Strictly Medicinal seeds. As an herbalist I'm gaining direct experience with medicinal plants through the wisdom she shared with me.

Logan Keister, 
clinical herbalist, educator + medicinal farmer aNoti Botanica
photo: Cole Keister

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Katie has a gentle way of hearing your vision and contributing their knowledge in a meaningful way. I have learned new ways of seeing things as well as practical skills.

They are trustworthy and respectful, and make sure to communicate the time and costs of any project—following through with good time management. Very experienced in mentoring one-on-one and in group settings. 

Their knowledge of medicinal, vegetable and horticultural plants is impressive. For me, they were able to confirm plant identity, help advise on plant location and gave new perspectives on my landscape plan.

Katie's respect for the environment, the plants, and the people makes any interaction with them a calm and inclusive experience. 

Dr. Sheila Kingsbury,   ND, RH


Katie has spent time fostering an intimacy and knowingness with the land and plants that has taken years to grow, and she generously shares her knowledge and spirit with those willing to learn. 


She is a gifted teacher and brings such heart with each action and conversation she engages with.

Casey C,   former ND student at Bastyr University


I'm a little surprised at how much joyful grief is coming up as I'm sitting in my hot tub enjoying the creation of these spaces!


I learned so much today, not just about gardening.

Abby T,   garden coaching client (Mountlake Terrace)

crystal hamby 3.jpeg

I’m thrilled to see Katie Vincent offering her expertise in medicinal and edible landscaping and gardening to the community.  Katie was an invaluable resource as the Garden Supervisor of Bastyr Gardens.


Her innovative ideas, open-hearted communication, and collaborative work ethic elevated the gardens as a resource for the faculty, student, staff and community it serves. 


The plants thrived under Katie's green thumb. It was truly a wonder to see how the plants responded to her care and influence—it was the highest quality herb that I have found on the market. The calendula was phenomenal. The best I have ever seen!  


Katie was also instrumental in forging relationships with wider communities to bring the rich history of the land to life. She offers an inclusive space for all to feel welcomed and has an incredible wealth of knowledge that she readily shares.


She is a joy to work with. If you are considering working with Katie... do!  You will be thrilled with the experience.

Crystal (Stelzer) Hamby
Botanical Medicine lab manager & Adjunct Faculty
at Bastyr University.

Herbalist at Green Blessings.


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