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Do you long to know who you are in the language of earth and stars ?


What does astrology have to do with land stewardship?

All our ancestors lived in deep relationship with the stars. 

The elements we see in our landscapes—water, air, fire, and earth—are close kin to the cosmic bodies and their movements. Our body is no different.

Just as the night sky helps us find our way in the dark, the cosmos can offer a wider view of our lives and the challenges we face.  When we are lost, stuck, or grieving, looking up can help us find our way. 

The stars invite you into a deeper story of belonging.

In ecological astrology readings, I walk with you to recover your relationship to the cosmos—and remember why you are here.

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I see astrology as a cross-cultural doorway of attuning ourselves to place.


The stars are our partners in writing a new earthly story. 

My approach.

Just as birds, fish, beetles, plants, and other creatures navigate by the moon, sun and stars, so do we.


To me, astrology is a core element of ecology

I offer intuitive astrology readings informed by the lineage of Hellenistic astrology.


I use the tropical zodiac and whole sign houses. Your chart may look different. With timing work (like transits) I use secondary progressions, profections, solar returns and transits.

Image by Sunguk Kim

My teachers: Chris Brennan and Laura Nalbandian.


Beyond, that I'm forever learning from astrologers bringing this field in liberatory directions: Chani Nicholas, Michael J Morris, Diana Rose Harper, Erin Shipley, and Demetra George.  Check out their work. 


I bring lenses of intersectional and multi-species futurism to our reading.


My story and positionality (queer, light-skinned, intuitive settler of mixed European descent) further situates how I see and relate to the world and myth.


The ways my ancestors related to the cosmos are now attributed to Greco-Roman, "Celtic", and Old European traditions.

Note: My readings do not offer firm future prediction and are not a substitute for psychotherapy or professional legal/medical advice. 

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