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Our new 8-month program is a holistic training in land stewardship and horticulture, plus practices for deep listening with the land, plants, ancestors, soul, cosmos and the wider ecology. 


You will learn how to tend land well, and fall madly in love with plants.

Awaken your

inner land steward.

Help your hands

remember how to tend

our local ecologies

back to life.

the program

In our immersive weekends, participants will grow a deep foundation of skills to partner with their landscapes in ecological ways. 

We will dig our hands into land stewardship topics over a full growing season:

  • orienting to a landscape

  • pruning

  • propagation

  • soil + compost

  • water

  • ecology

  • wild + introduced plants

  • garden planning + planting

  • medicinal plants

  • organic gardening

  • ecological design

  • restoration

  • wildlife tracking

  • climate resilience

  • fire ecology

  • ...and more, if you sign up for an add-on learning track.

Our lessons are seasonally arranged to align our learning experience to the local ecology and moon + planetary cycles.

As we learn how to relate to plants and land, we will engage a deep inquiry into our own ancestral relationship to place, and explore invitations to attune our senses to a deeper way of listening with the land. As part of this, we will experiment with practices to with cultivate our inner and outer resilience in a burning world.

At the end of the season, participants can choose to participate in a 1-day rite of passage ceremony to mark the transition into their role as a land steward. 


Graduates walk away with a broad foundation in land stewardship, a greater confidence in working with plants, a deeper intimacy with place, and much more. All participants are connected to a network of land stewardship opportunities where they can apply their skills in support of restoration, LandBack and ecological landscape projects.


Mar 9-10

Apr 13-14

May 4-5

June - no class

July 13-14

Aug 10-11

Sept 14-15

Sept 27-29 optional: 1-day rite of passage ceremony

Oct 12-13

Nov 9-10

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the structure

The Land Stewardship Training is a holistic pathway into land stewardship. It offers a comprehensive learning structure in a supportive community over the year.


It includes 8 months of seasonal learning in immersive weekends, and a one-day rite of passage ceremony. 

Participants in the full training receive a 10% discount off other Tending Alive classes during the course of the Land Stewardship Training.

The immersive weekends are open to anyone, as space allows.

Note: Participants must attend a minimum of 3 weekends to join the 1-day rite of passage .


we will take a lunch and other small breaks.


lunch is not provided.


various sites in the Snoqualmie Valley, near Duvall, WA.

location shared after registration.

choose a track:

full core program

join for all weekends and the rite of passage ceremony.


join for the weekends you want.

This program roots in the truth that wilderness is a myth and—as Indigenous communities demonstrate today as since time immemorial—humans can be beneficial to ecologies. Further, that active and informed participation can lead to more resilient, vibrant landscapes for all. We challenge the word "homesteading" as a way to describe living closely to the land, and look to deconstruct our relationship to land so we can find a more genuinely relational way forward.


Our learning holds a lens of settler responsibility and dreaming toward intersectional liberation. We hold respect and discernment when sharing knowledge rooted in Coast Salish cultural plant traditions and technologies—especially in wildtending, restoration and wild plant lessons.

A portion of program tuition is redistributed to the Tend, Gather and Grow Project—a wild food, medicine and cultural ecology curriculum for K-12 learners centering Coast Salish communities. Their work is a powerful catalyst to cultural sovereignty, and a foundation to my awareness of traditional land tending practices. The percentage donated will depend on enrollment and be calculated in response to Tend's suggested levels of financial support.

our lens + philosophy



Katie Vincent (they/she) is the lead instructor for the Land Stewardship Training. We will welcome a few guest instructors over the season to deepen our learning in special topics. 

The plants and landscapes of the Snoqualmie Valley are our biggest teachers.

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full program

$2,950 ($350 discount)**

per weekend


rite of passage ceremony


(ceremony is included in full core program cost.)

A sliding scale is available:

  • full program - $1250/$2050/$2950

  • weekend - $150/$225/$300

  • ceremony - $200/$300/$400


To learn about payment plans and work trade options, contact Katie.

the schedule.

march -  SOIL

soils, compost, greenhouse + nursery design, site orientation, seed-starting

april - WATER

water, irrigation, rain gardens, water catchment, swales, riparian + wetland plants.

may - FOOD

medicinal plants, edible plants, food forest design, vegetable gardens,

companion planting.

july - TEND

pruning (summer), fall/winter vegetable garden planning, weeds + introduced plants, softwood cuttings.


seed saving, pollinator gardens, fire ecology, climate resilient landscapes.

september - RESTORE

ecology, restoration, forest stewardship, cover crops.

optional rite of passage ceremony on Sept 27-29

october - WILD LIFE

mushrooms + fungi, wildlife tracking, habitat-building, hedgerows.

november - WHOLE CIRCLE

whole systems design, garden logs + organization, potluck + closing.

about Tending Alive:

Tending Alive is a small, place-based land stewardship experiment with an intention to organically build through community relationships over time to become a replicable, adaptable model and network that engages human hands into ecological stewardship projects worldwide. 


We learn from the wild and introduced plant communities of the Snoqualmie Valley as our primary teachers. All courses are place-based, and rooted in a vision for ecological fluency and cultural humility.


apply now.
the full training.

Though it can be transformational to join an 8-month program,  it can also be a big commitment. You may need to rearrange your world to step toward it. You want to make sure it's a fit.  Let us support you in discerning if the Land Stewardship Training is right for you.

or, just join for
a weekend.
get tickets
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