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Image by Annie Spratt
Tending Alive is... ecological project born in response to the question:

What is possible if all people return their hands to the soil and remember how to tend our ecosystems alive?

Each Tending Alive offering, from Garden Consultations to Plant ID, carries this question its palm. Even with the complexity of lineage today on indigenous land, each of us can be medicine to our ecosystem. I invite you to begin remembering how.

The earth is a verb. A process. We are a necessary part of ecosystem and community flourishing.

Will you participate?


For more eco-philosophy, check out my musings here

the earth is a verb.
will you participate?
Let's collaborate!

An ecosystem never operates in isolation. The Tending Alive project is offered with an open-palm, what cross-pollination might be possible if we join forces? 


If you are an artist, gardener, writer, activist, facilitator—really, anyone inspired to collaborate—send me a note here!

What magic shall we brew?

  • a collaborative hub for best herb harvest times/methods?

  • a grief ritual with landscapes?

  • a podcast to amplify traditional land tending practices?

  • a rite of passage ceremony with base camp in an indigenous-led restoration project?

  • a ritual for the flourishing of beavers?

  • a seed midwifery center?

  • a zine of human + plant love stories?

  • a wander to reconnect with land-connected ancestors?

  • astrology readings for seedlings?

  • collaborative poetry with birds?

  • ... I want to hear your ideas!

Bursting at the seams with inspiration? Skip the webform and talk to me directly at!

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